Innovation meets tradition - combining the best of both worlds

In addition to exclusive consulting services, we offer innovative products made by companies with a long tradition. After all, quality is key for producing different kinds of yarns.

You need innovative ideas and want to accelerate your internal projects? Then you have come to the right place!

Whether projects or innovations in the textile sector, the speed of implementation is crucial for all processes. In addition to having a good idea, speed is key to operating successfully in a competitive global environment which is increasingly challenging for companies today. The dynamic development of both innovations and internal projects is often hampered by limited staff capacity, especially in small- and medium-sized businesses. The key challenge is to find new contemporary ways to overcome these barriers and accelerate projects and development activities.   

Join up with Next Textile GmbH to successfully master this challenge and benefit from our project and innovation support both on a national and international level.

Your personal consultant: Karlheinz Siegert

Karlheinz Siegert draws on many years of professional experience in textile production and product development to support you as a personal consultant.


09/1993 – 12/2004 KUNERT FASHION GmbH Head of Development and Procurement 

01/2005 – 12/2006 Kunert Jifa Qingdao GmbH General Manager

01/2007 – 06/2010 FALKE KGaA Operations Manager

07/2010 – 01/2018 W. Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG Managing Director 

02/2018 – today Next Textile GmbH Managing Director

Your personal consultant: Klaus Sutter

Klaus Sutter draws on many years of professional experience in textile production to support you as a personal consultant.


1991 – 1994 Kunert AG Immenstadt, Responsible for quality and efficient production processes in the foreign branches

1995 - 1998 Koch Textilpflege GmbH Metzingen, operations manager

1998 bis 1999 Fein-Elast-Gruppe Schweiz, Werk Streitex Österreich, responsible for production, quality, sales and personnel

1999 - 2004 Dynalast Meiningen Österreich, Managing Director

2004 - 2019 Lederer Elastic Amstetten/ Fa. Coyarn (Schweiz), Authorized signatory and Managing Director

01/2020 - today Next Textile GmH Senior Consultant


We provide comprehensive expertise in the field of textile production and the development of new products from the raw material to the marketable product. On this basis, we will develop a bespoke concept together with you to define the task and scope of support you need. Our network allows us to quickly identify, and if necessary involve, a suitable partner company or institute to tackle very specific issues. 

We aim to support companies by establishing an independent, long-term partnership to help you implement your projects and make you faster, more innovative and successful.

We provide needs-based and tailor-made support to speed up your projects and development ventures to boost your competitive edge. You benefit from an international network and dedicated know-how while saving your internal resources. The costs for these services are variable and transparent and are billed based on time and effort. 

Sales activities

Next Textile GmbH is a sales partner for products related to twisting and covering machines, machines to produce dyeing bobbins, plying machines, hank-to-cone winding machines, coiling machines, interlacing machines and yarn tubes.

Thanks to our extensive network and direct collaboration with textile companies, we are able to offer products tailored to your needs.

We carry products from these brands:




Thema2 systems


As a sales partner in Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries and Switzerland, we have made it our mission to help you find the suitable products for your requirements. Please contact us and we will be glad to submit a non-binding offer and advise you.

Fadis S. p. A. is proud to look back on 60 years of operating as a leading manufacturer of precision winding machines.

The company produces textile and recoil machines, machines to produce dyeing bobbins, plying machines, hank-to-cone winding machines, coiling machines and interlacing machines to process all kinds of yarns made of natural or synthetic fibres as well as twisted yarns and effect yarns.

The textile machines are manufactured in Italy and 95 % of them are procured from Italian suppliers. The outstanding product quality and various certifications according to international industry standards emphasize the company's quality claim.

Plastimec is an Italian producer of yarn tubes founded by Luigi Caprioglio in 1970. The textile company produces premium tubes made of high-quality materials only. Regular tests ensure that the required quality standards are met during production of the yarn tubes.

Perforated Tubes   

Solid Cones

Solid Cylinders

Established by Michele Ratti, RATTI LUINO SRL has been the Italian market leader of yarn and covering machines for staple fibres and chemical fibres since 1869.

The textile laboratory works continuously with the research and development department to guarantee a high quality standard. 

With the continuation of the Lesmo brand, ETK-Lesmo has over 50 years of experience in the construction of braiding machines, which has allowed the company to reach different markets, from textile accessories to sophisticated technical applications.

ETK-Lesmo can offer a complete range of braiding machines, from 3 to 144 carriers in different sizes, together with a complete range of winders, unwinders, bobbin winders and textile accessories. Customized solutions are always welcome, a flexible and experienced staff is at the customer's disposal to study special solutions.

With more than 20.000 machines sold all over the world, ETK-Lesmo can be defined today as a company at the top of its sector.

SCAGLIA has been present on the market for textile accessories for over 180 years, and is among the main leaders all over the world.

Such a wealth of experience means that Scaglia can offer a complete overview of accessories for the textile industry: bobbins, tubes, components for machinery and yarn waste removing systems.

Thema 2 revolution consisted in applying electronics where it could bring essential changes to offer economic, practical and measurable profits. Ideas, therefore, are the starting point, but they must actually result in a concrete application. That is why, in everything we offer as a company, from advice to management, from control to finished product, the spirit of cooperation is not an option, as far as we are concerned: this is a principle that we cannot give up and that compels us to work in close contact with our customer’s technical services. Thus a constant revolution becomes a continuous advance in methods and in know-how, both for us and for our Clients.

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